Nijammi Group is a pioneer in innovative investment strategies that build outstanding   business enterprises with strong ethics and high returns. Over the years we have ventured in to various kind of businesses from FMCG, textiles and garment manufacturing yielding profitable returns and high customer satisfaction. Investing with Nijammi Group means a secure, transparent and a growth oriented investment. Our endeavors to connect our businesses to the grassroot levels and benefit the lowest strata of the society have been lauded by the government and the society.


1) Symbol Of Trust

Nijammi Group stands for investors trust in our business vision and principles. We stand by our investors and make continuous efforts to ensure that our relationship is cemented with mutual respect, understanding and faith. Strong ethics, clean and transparent processes and a futuristic vision makes us unique among our competitors.

2) Best Team Spirit

Nijammi Group believes that a great team can accomplish anything. People from different walks of life and with varied experiences have come together to form the Nijammi Team. NRI and professionals with extensive experience have come together to an impactful business environment in Kannur, Kerala.

3) High Return On Investment

Nijammi Group works for the interest and benefit of our esteemed investors. Our business models have been designed to give a high rate of return on your investments. Our team is committed towards providing our investors and also our customers the best return when it comes to their money. We value and respect your hard earned money and create all possible means to safeguard it. Our team of professionals constantly work toward creating business experiences that make strong impact on revenues.

4) Expansion

Nijammi Group strives to expand its business fortunes for the benefit of all, especially it investors. After textiles, garment manufacturing and food processing our new business ventures are real estate, construction, Travel and Tourism, Event Management and more. We believe that our strength lies in our creative approach turning each venture in to a profitable venture.

5) Value Worth Your Investment

Our foundation is laid on core principles of innovation, hard work and sustainability. Our vision is an all-encompassing enabling business with us as satisfying, goal oriented and respectable. In short, business with Nijammi Group is a value worth your money.

6) Empowering Pravasi & Society

Nijammi Group is committed towards the wellbeing and welfare of the society at large. We are especially committed towards rehabilitating the Pravasi Malyali Keralites that return from abroad due to shortage of employment opportunities there. Through our various businesses and infrastructural capacities, we envision greater employment opportunities for all, benefitting and uplifting the society at the grassroot levels.

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